Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Well Friends!  It has been a while since my last post!!!  I have graduated college, moved on in many areas of my life, but the constant is still my photography, family and God.

It is wildflower time in the Smokies and during a recent bike ride, I was able to locate some really beautiful wildflowers and get a couple of great shots!  I would love to share them with you!!!  I was also able to get some beautiful shots of Tulips and Pansies at the UT Botanical Gardens this week as well.

I hope to be out and about and hiking over the next few weeks!  I can't wait to share more of my finds with you.

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.  
Psalms 19:1


Blue Bells of the GSM
I have waited a couple of years to find these again!  So excited to find them!

Trillium of the GSM 

Some beautiful Tulips from the UT Botanical Gardens
Not Wildflowers ~ But, I couldn't resist! 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

~  Just for the Pipe Collectors   ~ 
Happy Smoking 

This 1970s Era Tobacco Pipe has a ceramic bowl and original filter. It is a very clean smoking, cool burning pipe. It has a saddle bit and shows light chatter. There is very little char in the bowl. It has the words "Carey" "Magic Inch" "Pat No. 3267941 written on the bottom of the shaft. It also is stamped "Grecian". 

This pipe would make a fine addition to any collection!

Measurements: 6 1/4" length 1 1/2' Deep Bowl and 1 5/8" Rim to Rim on top of bowl

This Vintage Kaywoodie Tobacco Pipe is in wonderful condition! It even has the original price tag on the bottom of the bowl!!!! This pipe has light chatter and very little char on bowl, very little use since price tag is still intact. It comes with an anti-drip system and is a true Estate Find! An AMERICAN TREASURE!

This pipe would make a wonderful addition to any collection!

Measurements: 4 1/2" length 1 1/4" Deep 1" Rim to Rim on Bowl

1970s c. -Vintage Dr. Grabow Regal Estate Tobacco Pipe

Have you ever found a treasure that you didn't believe could exist? This pipe is that treasure! This 1970s Era Dr. Grabow pipe seems to have never been smoked out of!!!! There is NO char what so ever in the bowl! There is some discoloration on the bit, but a good polishing would clean this up fine. It has light chatter, as if someone held it in their mouth, but without smoking the pipe. 

It has markings on either side: "Imported Briar" "Ajustomatic" "Pat. 2461905" "Regal" "Dr. Grabow"

This is a true Treasure to add to any collection, or a great beginner piece to start one!


Measurements: 5 1/8" length 1 1/2" deep bowl 1 3/8 Rim to Rim on top of Bowl

1970s  FRENCH MADE - Rusticated Four Panel - Billiard Estate Pipe

This 1970s Era Tobacco Pipe is a Four Paneled ,Rusticated, Saddle Bit, Billiard Pipe. It has"Algerian Briar" and "Made in France" stamped on the bottom of the stem. It has a stunning texture and is light weight.

This pipe has been lightly used and has very light chatter on the bit. It would make a great addition to any collection, or it would make a great starter piece for the new smoker. 

****** This Pipe is perfectly balanced! I would suspect that this pipe comes from a high grade company in France, however it is not marked, or numbered. But, the smoking quality of this pipe is extraordinary!!!

Dimensions: Length = 5" Bowl Depth= 1 1/4" Bowl Width Top = 1 1/4"

1970s c. -Vintage Medico Cavalier Tobacco Estate Pipe

This 1970s Era Medico Cavalier Tobacco Estate Pipe is a fine smoking, clean burning pipe. It is lightweight and is an excellent travel pipe. It is black and has a rusticated design. This is an everyday smoking pipe. This is not a mantle piece, it begs to be smoked!

Measurements: 5 1/2" length 1 3/8" deep bowl 1 1/4" Rim to Rim top of bowl

1960s c. - Vintage GBD Skater Shape 1600 Estate Pipe –

Made in London England

This is a 1960s Era GBD Skater Estate Pipe. In the late 1960s GBD came out with many shapes for their briar pipes however, this shape is RARE! This is a light weight beautifully handcrafted pipe! It has light chatter on the bit, and the bowl has light charring. I have had this pipe cleaned and it is one from my personal collection. For the person who buys this pipe, they have bought a pipe that travels easily and will give you all the comforts of home. 

Sides of Pipe read: GBD London Made and London England 1600

Measurements: 5 7/8" length 1 1/2" deep bowl 1 1/4" Rim to Rim of bowl

~ You can find these pipes and more ~

Simply Click on the pipe names and follow the link to Bluebirds Vintage Shop

More on being Thankful and Recent Adventure Photos.......

A little more on being ThankfuL.........

Thanksgiving Day #8 Today I am thankful for me. For my life.... for my walk. I am lucky to have had and to have the opportunities that have been placed before me... to have challenges both good and bad. They make me strong, they make me weak, they make me human. A code I still follow from the Old Days... COURTESY ~ INTEGRITY ~ PERSEVERANCE ~ SELF CONTROL ~ INDOMITABLE SPIRIT!!! Thank you Anne Krause Swift for those days and those teachings! I am glad to be me.... and my God is with me through it all... Thank you God ♥

Thanksgiving Day #13 I am thankful for Prayers... That I can go to God in prayer and for my friends... family and prayer warriors that are out there praying! I know that there were prayers being sent up for me today... I was sitting in the car and had really been down about some news and all of the sudden "peace" came over me... I just knew it would be ok.... about an hour later I got a call... my situation was changed and things were ok...... WoW! Thank you God! ... Thank you everyone for your prayers.... ♥ TeStIfY!!!!

Thankful Day #15 I am so thankful for medicine and access to medical care! I remember being so sick in the hospital with my gallbladder and thinking how awful it would have been to be where I had no access to help or medicine.... I will never forget that sweet nurse that took such good care of me (and I was sick!)..... ♥ Thank you to all Doctors, Nurses, EMS and Health Care providers out there!!! This ones for you! ♥

Thankful Day #17 I am thankful for people that take the time to care for, foster and adopted orphaned, abandoned, neglected and abused animals! We need more people like this in our world! I ♥ a Happy ending and it looks like this little 
guy got one! THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE FOLKS OUT THERE THAT ARE ANGELS TO THESE ANIMALS! Blount County Humane Society Blount County SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Bully Breed Soldiers Unite and the list goes on........ THANK YOU!

Blount County Humane Society and special rescuer, Donna S., helped to save this sweet dogs life!
  ( Rooster Cogburn AKA: Jojoe )

Some Photos to share with you........

Early Morning Fall  Ride to Cades Cove ........

Trip to the KnoxvilleZoo…..

The Rhino was my favorite picture of all!  She ( I am assuming )  looks so proud ~ strong ~ and beautiful ..... 

(An unknown species of wildlife that was recently introduced to the zoo.... strange these folks are.... lol )

This was FREE Day at the Zoo and so many animals were being tended to or had been put up since the cold weather had arrived........  We can't wait to go back in the Spring and see these guys and their friends that we weren't able to see that day.  Thanks Knoxville Zoo for FREE Day! 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving !!!

I hope you have enjoyed my post!  Come and Follow me for a "Thankful November"

Love ,

All Photos are property of Moon River Photography ©  Do not copy, crop, or edit any of my photos for your own use under penalty of law. 

Sunday, November 4, 2012


     Like many of my friends that I have been following on facebook, I have decided to do a Thankful November  day by day.  Each day in November I am going to post what I am thankful for.......  I will make the daily posts on my Facebook Page and then cross post here on my blog as the month goes along.   
     So far this month we have had four days....... Day 2 my internet connection died so I was not able to post   to FB that day... but I think I can come up with something to make up for that day... what do you think?  I just love this!  I should be doing this everyday of the year... I have so much to be thankful for! It is great to slow down... reflect... and be mindful.  

  • Thanksgiving Day #1   I am thankful for my children... they teach me so much everyday... It is amazing how I have drawn closer to God through my relationship with my children... they have taught me so much about a Parents Love ( that unconditional... deep... I would do anything for you kind of love) I can only imagine how my Heavenly Father feels towards me .. I am His child... So AmAzInG!
  •  Thanksgiving Day #2  I am thankful for my friends..... especially Inger!  We are always finding a new adventure and she is there for me through thick and thin.  I love all of my friends.... they make my life a brighter place!  Thank you to all of my friends! I love you all!
  • Thanksgiving Day #3 I am Thankful that I had the opportunity to teach such a wonderful group of students "Sign Language" !!!! You guys RoCk!!!!

  • Thanksgiving Day #4  I am thankful for my Country!  I am thankful for the freedom to live the way I choose to live, for the right to worship.... attend Church... pray....,  for the freedom of speech and right to vote.. for everything my Country was founded on!  I love my Country and I have hope that we will continue to grow stronger everyday as a Nation!  It makes me proud when I see how Americans can come together to help one another and even other Countries in times of need.  AMERICA IS AWESOME! 

      In other happenings.....I had a most awesome opportunity!  I was able to do my first photo session with a long time high school friend and her husband.  We decided to meet up at my favorite place in the world....Cades Cove!  What a beautiful couple and what amazing photos we were able to get!  I think you will really enjoy these shots! 

 I just want to say how "THANKFUL" I am to have had this opportunity!  We had such a good time and it was great seeing my friend!

I hope you have enjoyed my post!  Come and Follow me for a "Thankful November"

Love ,

All Photos are property of Moon River Photography ©  Do not copy, crop, or edit any of my photos for your own use under penalty of law. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Walker Sisters Cabin ~ Branching Out!

Photos from my Summer Hike to the Walker Sisters Cabin in the GSMNP

     The Little Brier Gap Trailhead is located in the heart of an old mountain community known as Little Greenbrier. Once simply known as "Greenbrier," the "Little" was eventually added to its name in order to distinguish it from the larger Greenbrier community located along the Middle Fork of the Little Pigeon River, just north of Mt. LeConte.
     The earliest documented settlers in Little Greenbrier were Arthur "Brice" McFalls and Alexander McKenzie, who arrived in the 1830s. McFalls built a cabin in the 1840s, which was reassembled later by John Walker, father of the Walker Sisters, as the "kitchen" half of the Walker Cabin sometime during the late 1870s.
       In 1882 Walker also helped to build the Little Greenbrier School. Students throughout the Little River Valley attended the school, including some from the Meigs Mountain community more than four miles away. The school was also used for church services by a local Primitive Baptist congregation, which established the nearby cemetery. The last classes in the 20 x 30 foot schoolhouse were held in 1935. Today the Little Greenbrier Schoolhouse is on the National Register of Historic Places.

(Courtesy of Hiking in the Smokies )

Walker Sister Homestead

The Heart of the Home ...... 

Horseshoe Window Hinges .... Step back in time when you made use of everything around you......

A Bucket Long Since Used.........

Sit for a Spell.........  Spin a Tale............

Do come back for more adventures!!!!

I am growing and I am fueled by my love for life and God's Beauty!

My work now includes 

It is my hope to provide quality and affordable services and to keep my clients thoughts and feelings in mind. 
I use the things around me that I love to create my photography!  I use sunshine, color, textures, flowers, friends, family and nature!


"The Beauty of Creation Praises God's Name"  Psalms 148

Book Your Photo Session Now!  

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Special Fall Cades Cove Photo Session
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hike to Spruce Flats Falls

Hi!  Boy, June sure has been a busy month and there have been plenty of things to do with the kids being out of school.  I am proud to say that I got out of the house and headed into the mountains yesterday.  My friend Inger and I decided that it was high time for another adventure, so we loaded up the kids and off we went!

I would like to share a great hike with you.  It is a waterfall hike and it is a shorter hike than many of the ones you will find in the Smoky Mountains.  ( about 2 miles round trip )  It is also a little known trail, which means you may have the trail all to yourself. Located just past the Townsend Wye at Tremont Institute, you will find Spruce Flat Trail and Falls.  

Directions to Tremont and Trailhead are as follows:  Preferred Route is I-40 to 140 (Pellissippi Pkwy) East to 129 South and follow signs to 411N/321N continuing on to 321N which turns into Hwy 73 East and Townsend Tennessee. (once you get to Townsend... its a piece of cake)  Continuing through Townsend, you will enter the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  You will come to a fork (Townsend Wye) where you will continue right on to Little River Road for .2 (that is point two miles) miles until you see the sign for The Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremont.  You will make a left here following the road to the institute for approx. 2 miles (two miles) where you will turn left into the parking lot of the Visitor Center and park.  Follow the paved road past the staff housing and sign marked "Lumber Ridge Trail"  From here you will see the signs below!   Have Fun! 

This is the Employee Housing Sign that you will see not long after you start walking on the paved road. You will also pass a cool Rope Swing... which I encourage you to play on and pretend like you are a kid again... and the you will see the Trail Head.

This is the Falls Trail Head sign... Don't be confused like me.... this is really the Spruce Flats Falls Trail... I will say that this trail does not allow pets and is not recommended for young children... It has steep inclines and descents, with some narrow areas on the trail too.  My boys were 11 and 15 and did well with this hike... much younger and you might want to reconsider.

The Beginning of the Trail... there are stone and wood steps all along the trail.... 

Despite the steep ascent and descent along the trail... there is some level area too!  :)  Do not be discouraged...as it is well worth the push in the end. 

Here is one of the switchbacks and with an awesome view I might add!  This is one of those spots where you don't want to have small children running around. Yikes!

You can see that the trail has some rocky spots .... watch your footing.   I will have to say that the trail seems to be well maintained ....  A big thanks to all of those folks out there that work hard to do this! 

Inger and I are pushing onward... Can't wait to get to the Falls!

A little Friend that scampered across the trail ... not sure what he is... but he doesn't look like he is missing any meals. Haha! 

Here is one of those steep descents... of course Inger was having a little fun and exaggerating a little bit... LOL!   This is the last quick descent before you get to the falls.
It was just before this spot that Justin (Inger's Son) said "Mom! ... I hear the earth singing!"  " Don't you hear the water...."  Made me smile

Here is a cool footbridge that is located just before you get to the falls.  This helps a lot!  Not to mention it is sooo cool! 

Rhododendron were still blooming!  The blossoms were scattered along the trail by the falls making is look like a fairyland....

We made it!  Sheldon was helping me to navigate the big rocks in front of the Falls ..... It was a hoot!

The Falls!!!

The Falls!!!

The boys had fun with craw-daddies and minnows.... and playing under the fall of course!!!! 

This is our hike out.... what goes down must come up.... or is it what goes up must come down... oh well LOL!  Either way ... it was up and down.

Here is that Rope Swing I was telling you about... and no... I don't have any pictures of me playing on it... What great memories this brought back of my childhood!  Who doesn't like a rope swing?

Well... this brings us to the end of our journey... I hope you have enjoyed this!  If you get a chance to come by the GSMNP and Tremont.... This hike should be a MUST DO on your list.

Here are a couple of links that will take you to the Great Smoky Mountains Institute at Tremonts Web page and The Great Smoky Mountains Associations Web page.  You will be able to find load of great info. about the Park and area attractions!  Enjoy! 


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